FEEDBACK from SAXXAS customers



It's here, on time, as promised. Nicely packed in foam and thick cardboard box (essential for international mail). Very well made, beautifully plated and fits perfectly. The sound response of the Winslow and this lig is similar, but the different material of the buttons stops the annoying slipping when you adjust the mouthpiece. I have a friend who tried it and wants several (bari with New York etc). Good luck with sales!


Pete Nixon (Brisbane, Australia)



GREAT ligature. Great communication and smooth transaction. Thank you!

Keith Maskell (Toronto, Canada)



I never knew that my Guardala mouthpiece sounded that good! Your ligature opens up ALL of the sound and tone that the mouthpiece has to's simply amazing. It's the perfect ligature for metal mouthpieces, especially Guardala's.

Thanks again, Rik

Rik Custer (Collegeville, PA, USA)



Its very well made and packaged. Additional parts are good - that means its going to last a long time. It fits a Phil Barone Hollywood - in case anyone else asks you the same question. Plays well with a good core to the tone. Feels very solid and it is easy to adjust. It is the best ligature I have tried. Overall I am very pleased with it.

Regards, Dave.

David Coldron (Sheffield, United Kingdom)



Came today and I am VERY HAPPY. I played a gig on it tonight and it is everything I've been waiting for in my setup. Any chance you have these for hr alto, bari, and/or soprano's?

Thank you again, Andrew

Andrew Hickman (Rockland, MA, USA)



I had no problem in the transaction at all. The sound cannot be so improved by anything else: this lig is priceless!

Masahiro M (Osaka, Japan)



I have received the ligatures and I LOVE IT!!! Your lig makes such a big difference! I can control the sound much better on my Selmer MKVI Tenor Sax, and articulation is much more clearer. I really like the ligature which gives the freedom to play and be more expressive on my instrument.

Good Luck, Igor

Igor (Sidney, Australia)



Ligature arrived and it is perfect, thank you. I now have SAXXAS ligatures on both my Guardala mouthpieces, tenor and alto. I am amazed at the improvement in my tone and the ease at which I can now play notes throughout the scale. An incredible product ! Thanks again.

Regards, Nick.

Nick Thompson (Kent, United Kingdom)



I LOVE IT! I experimented a bit with the positioning of the cushions, and found one that works great! I am simply amazed at the difference in response and sound quality this ligature made. I am truly amazed!


Dan Hulgas (Fort Myers, FL, USA)



Amazing product: really opens up the sound and more reeds are playable.. Can't wait to play it on a gig I got coming up in Macao in a few weeks!

Thanks, Shaun

Shaun Thomas (Vancouver, Canada)



The most stabile and handable ligature I have ever had! It gives a great connection between my lips and the reed.

Kristof Bacso (Budapest, Hungary)



These ligs are EXCELLENT! I`ve played any old reed I have that was not playing at all with any of my other ligs on the DGs mpcs and there is a net improvement on all of them: I`m very happy, thanks!

Diego (Italy)



I've received your (SAXXAS) ligature, and I've been playing with it for a couple of days now: it's addictive! It gives to my link rubber a lot of fat and warmness. I love it!!!


Fabrizio Mandolini (Rome, Italy)



I am extremely pleased with the (saxxas) ligature. It delivers everything I expected it to from a responce standpoint. It possibly even exceeds my expectations.

Thank you, Scott

Scott Hockenberry (Youngstown, OH, USA)


During the last years I have tried all available ligatures of today´s saxophone market and some great ones of the past - but the SAXXAS Ligature tops all of these in response, stability, craftsmanship and design. Thank you so much for helping me with your ligature to discover new sides of expression on my musical journey.

Uwe Steinmetz (Berlin, Germany)


Lig has arrived safely and i love it - soprano sounds wonderful!

Thank you, Jane

Jane Williams  (Devon, United Kingdom)


What a fantastic product! It is very obvious that it is well made and will last a lifetime! The SAXXAS ligature was packaged brilliantly, and everything looks perfect. I love the silver plate! The response difference between the different positions of the studs is surprising and great! Thank you for such an amazing product, it is now the only ligature I will use!

Cheers, Ben

Banjamin Price (Tasmania, Australia)


The ligature arrived yesterday in super fast time! I used it at band practice last night, and all I can say is WOW! WOW! WOW!, I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! My saxophone sounds amazing right from the top to bottom. I am really impressed with the ligature, and will be coming back to you soon to buy one to fit my Guardala. Thank you for bringing this great product.

Angela W (Cardiff, United Kingdom)


I have been playing a Rovner "Deep V" alto m/p for many years. However, I use a tenor reed on my alto m/p so rather than taking a guess on the correct size of the ligature I mailed a duplicate Rovner backup m/p to the SAXXAS workshop, and they made custom lig for me. I have played several gigs on my new SAXXAS ligature since it arrived. The SAXXAS ligature is SUPER and the response in dynamics and tone are excellent. In my experience, no other lig matches the response of the SAXXAS. Thanks Dj!

John Laughter (Macon, GA, USA)